Call for Contributions on Childbirth

I am looking for pieces from mothers, fathers, midwives, and others about birth and birth-related phenomena. These will be displayed on 'birthsite' following a review process.

Format and length of the contribution is somewhat flexible. It can be a sentence, a fragment, letter, story, anecdote, reflection, essay,... Anything from one line to five pages is possible. You can stay anonymous if you prefer, or put your name down, in which case it can be a publication.

Is there anything you always wanted to say about birth? Or about related phenomena like pregnancy, being with a newly born, or IVF, abortion, miscarriage? Or perhaps about sex during pregnancy, or after childbirth? Is there anything you wish you had known before? Anything you would give as advice to others? Any general thoughts on the situation of childbirth in this country or other places? Or would you like to tell your birth story?

Please send your contributions by e-mail to Tanja Staehler,

If you would like your contribution to also be considered for inclusion in the book volume Pregnancy, Birth, Being with Infants: Phenomenology of a Strange Experience, please submit before September 30th deadline extended to October 31st.

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